Scuzzy, spacey garage rockers Big Drag say “no” to demanding audiences and “yes” to San Francisco’s own brand of rock n’ roll lifestyle. They are one of the seven bands hoping to win your votes to perform at The Lineup local music showcase on June 13 at Brick & Mortar Music Hall.

Here’s their back story (answers submitted by Big Drag).

Band Name: Big Drag

Hometown: San Francisco

Born Date: 2011

Sounds Like: Baked, radical, fuzzed, gritty, heavy, loaded, raw, blitzed, far out.

Fun Fact: Strippers always get guest listed at our shows, girls from the Condor, the Lusty Lady & Penthouse come dance for us while we play

Most Memorable Show: the one where the audience started smashing beer glasses because we wouldn’t play an encore, don’t tell us what to do.

When not making music, find them at: Aquarius Records, pinball at Molotovs, Cramps Night at the Knockout, Vamp Records in Oakland & the Lusty Lady in North Beach

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