A band with brains, Oakland’s Cash Pony channels 70s progressive rock with horn blasts, a healthy mix of other influences and dose of humor.

Their back story (answers submitted by Cash Pony).

Band Name: Cash Pony

Hometown: Oakland

Born Date: 2008

Sounds Like: Psychedelic and progressive rock that channels the instrumental prowess of 1970s progressive rock with a generous helping of modern-day attention deficit disorder. Cash Pony bridges academic and avant-garde music with a DIY punk-rock aesthetic, yet somehow delivers whispers of North Indian Classical music and Frank Zappa through their algebraic rock ensemble.

Fun Fact: Cash Pony is comprised of two doctoral students, one complete jerk-off, one straight-laced goody, one acid-induced visionary, and a shadowy mystery elemental being that has all the answers but tells no one.

Most Memorable Show: The New Parish in Oakland with Battlehooch and Sun Hop Fat.

When not making music, find them at: Farmers Markets, The Starry Plough, Totally Intense Fractal Mind-gaze Hut, naked in bed.

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