Have you ever hosted a party and experienced that terrible moment when you run out of wine because all your borderline-alcoholic guests already guzzled down whatever you had in store? Well, now you can have a bottle (or a case) of vino delivered directly to your door.

Rewinery is a new service that will delivery wine, culled from a well-curated selection of wineries, to you within an hour. You can have them deliver to your house, a party space or even a park. Wine delivery to your picnic blanket in Dolores Park? Convenient and awesome (if not a little chi-chi). And, if you don’t like the wine – they’ll replace it for free!

According to the company, “By sourcing high-quality wines direct from wineries, Rewinery is able to provide customers with a better product than what they would usually get at a regular grocery store, at a great price point.”

One note – they operate between 10am – 11pm, so don’t order at 3am when you’re on a drunk texting rampage.

Ordering details:

Via Rewinery’s Iphone App, web site or by calling (800) 405-5629.