Grown Kids Radio is comprised of a unique group of San Francisco DJs showing  their appreciation of local and worldwide tunes. Grown Kids Radio is broadcast live every Thursday on All Day Play from 1-2 PST, and has garnered quite a following, including a recent showcase at SXSW. 

We talk to member B Maj about getting into DJing and learn more about Grown Kids Radio. Check them out this Thursday, May 17 at Nightlife at The Academy of Sciences.

You got your start in radio, then decided to venture into DJing. How did that come about?

Growing up on the North side of Chicago in the late ’80s and early ’90s, my older sister was heavily into house music. At that time, it was artists like Ralphi Rosario, Cajmere and Dajae that I heard coming out of her garage parties at our house. I would watch her boyfriend DJ and become inspired with the art and technique of it all. It actually wasn’t until my freshman year in college, though, that I bought a pair of 1200’s and slowly started producing a specialty radio show on campus shortly after. Both DJ’ing and the radio show complimented each other for me at the time, and they came together in unison.

Where did the name B Maj originate from?

It actually started as a joke from a friend back in school. For a Midwestern college town, our group of friends were pretty diverse and would throw racial satire jokes at each other to expose our differences. For me, my friend would say I was like “brown magic” and it just stuck with me. Anyhow, that’s where the name is rooted in. It can have various implications, and may even sound kinky to some people, so I shortened it to “B Maj”, which is also open to interpretation. Maybe one day I’ll decide to use my real name when DJing, just like one of those dudes.

What prompted your move from Chicago to San Francisco?

I decided to make a living out West for a few different reasons. Growing up in the harsh Chicago winters was one major deciding factor. I was over the fact that most folks have to live indoors for almost 5 months out of the year, getting pale and sitting in front of a television. Most of my Chicago friends would probably bust my chops for talking like this, but it’s true. I was also born and raised in Chicago, so I was at a point in my life where I wanted to explore other parts of the country, and I saw plenty of opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area. The landscape is just beautiful and life can be really good out here with all of the rich culture, history, musical offerings, human dynamic and intelligence. We’re surrounded by so many movements in the Bay Area, which can be inspiring to many people. No doubt, Chicago will always be home and heart. I’m in the process of setting up a quarterly residency for one of my Chi guys here in SF. We want to exchange the musical culture and influence that both cities have to offer.

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