As anyone who’s ridden a bike in SF and needs to get from the east to west side of town will tell you, the backroad route known as “The Wiggle” is the quickest, most surefire way to bypass traffic and hills. And now – in preparation for Bike to Work Day – it has its very own theme song.

Despite the over-the-top cheeriness of the minute+ video, the jingle’s actually kind of catchy.

“I love that San Francisco has bike routes, let alone bike routes with names,” said Lawrence Grodeska, vocalist of The Real Numbers and “Do the Wiggle!” songwriter, “A bike route in San Francisco called ‘The Wiggle’ clearly needed its own jingle, just as residents need to be reminded how easy it is to bicycle in San Francisco.”

Bike to Work Day is Thursday, 5/10, will you be riding The Wiggle?