After their successful season kick-off in the gorgeous weather at Stafford Lake Park, the Sunset crew returns this Sunday, May 6, with their Full Moon Boat Party. For this one, Sunset offers a taste of classic Chicago house with guest DJ, Traxx, on The California Hornblower at Embarcadero.

Traxx, born Melvin Oliphant, has the technical prowess of a vinyl junkie and gear head. Since the early 2000s, he has been revamping old school acid with the distinctive jacking beats of his DJ and live sets. Later in the decade, Traxx started his Nation imprint to further the sound of the stylistic term and concept he coined “Jakbeat.”

Opening for Traxx is Chicago transplant Tyrel Williams, whose previous residency for the Acid Test monthly at Chicago’s Smart Bar makes him a good fit for the job.

The two other decks on this boat party will feature No Way Back back-to-back with Sunset and a live deck dubbed the “Live Atmospheric Space Deck.” For the latter, you can catch Stompy’s Tasho for his debut performance as It’s Own Infinite Flower, and 222’s Emilio Giraudbit and Jonah Sharp as the improv act, Polk & Hyde.

Read up on the specifics here, and check out the fun for yourself. Early arrival is suggested as presales are sold out.