Meatballs have become a recent obsession of mine and luckily San Francisco is a city more than willing to cater to my newfound proclivity. An unlikely outpost for such is Traci Des Jardins’ Mexican kitchen, Mijita (24 Willie Mays Plaza). Although in Spanish they refer to them as albondigas, this culinary staple transcends all language barriers because delectability is, of course, universal.

On the appetizer menu at this creative, south-of-the-border outpost is a sensational Sopa De Albondigas: beef and pork meatballs in a tomato-based broth with fresh, marinated vegetables. There is so much to love about this dish, but let me start off by mentioning that it’s surprisingly hearty for such a small portion. Soups usually have a way of expanding in the stomach and this one is no different, but with the addition of savory meat lumps, this effect is enhanced noticeably. Furthermore, all this flavor is offered for only $6. That’s not a whole lot of pesos per pound. When you give me this much satisfaction for so little cost, I’m going to leave a happy man.

I’m told that the preparation of this soup is actually a traditional Mexican staple. Lucky for them. Being a full-blooded gringo, it’s not something that I was exposed to until recently, and boy am I jealous of their culture. With an extensive menu of expertly-prepared ethnic dishes and a list of libations that is nothing to scoff at, Mijita is a pretty solid destination for Cinco de Mayo, which–I shouldn’t have to remind you–is just around the corner.