International Worker’s Day or May Day only comes once a year but the individuals involved in the Occupy Oakland movement are constantly battling for the rights of workers and seeking to attract more national attention to the issue of inequality.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan


Each individual involved in the Occupy Oakland movement has their own story to tell, their own personal reasons for joining the movement and a unique perspective to share on the importance of social justice.

In a new media project, Portraits from the Occupation, being presented at the Oakland Museum of California, sixteen individuals who have been involved or somehow touched by the Occupy movement share their thoughts and opinions on whether the Occupy movement has been good for Oakland, reflect on the mistakes and successes of policies or actions taken by the City of Oakland and Occupy Oakland and comment on what they think the future relationship between these two entities should entail.

On Saturday, May 5 the videos will be shown all day in the California Art and Gallery of California History at the Oakland Museum of California

The videos can also be viewed online at the Oakland Standard site.