On Sunday, April 29, 2012 celebrity chef Tyler Florence made his debut as a children’s book author.

This latest venture adds another notch to chef Florence’s remarkable culinary career. Famous TV host, celebrated cookbook author of 7 books, and Bay Area restaurateur. The timing of this project seems like a good fit, for the proud father of 3 children. The book is titled Tyler Makes Pancakes!, the result of a 2 year long collaboration with veteran designer and illustrator Craig Frazier.

The book tells the story of a little boy named Tyler and his dog Tofu, in his quest to make blueberry pancakes, he encounters farmers and merchants who explain to him many things he didn’t know, like how animals are raised and how plants grow. It’s fun and informative, the examples teaches kids where food comes from and hopefully motivates them to cook something. The actual blueberry pancake recipe is included in the end. Add this book to your list of great stocking stuffers for kids.

Florence wasn’t the only Food Network star to do a kid’s book. Last year, Iron chef Cat Cora also ventured into the children’s book realm, inspired by the antics of the oldest of her 4 sons, 7 year old Zoran. Her book is titled, A Suitcase Surprise for Mommy. It offers solutions to deal with the difficulties that children suffer emotionally, when the dad or mom has a busy and demanding career.

Photo Credit: Tyler Makes Pancakes!, illustrated by Craig Frazier