Social Studies is hard at work finishing their latest release and they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with the final costs of mixing and mastering.

Social Studies (Natalia Rogovin on keys and vocals, Michael Jirkovsky on drums, Jesse Hudson on bass, and Tom Smith on guitar) have been around since 2006 carefully crafting their melodic, keyboard driven pop sound into something hook-heavy and dance-friendly while still being angular and driving. Worlds collide, new species are formed, and Social Studies (after a few line-up changes and a few albums) have reemerged, reinvigorated by their time spent in New Improved Recording in Oakland working with Eli Crews. Crews has worked with local legends Tune Yards, Thao & Mirah, Why? and Deerhoof, so consider the bar raised. Consider the prices raised as well because – as most are aware – good stuff don’t come cheap. Hooray for Kickstarter! Social Studies have started donations at $5 and they go as high as $1,500 and with each pledge comes a reward. Anything from a digital download of their new single “Terracur” (which is fantastic) to a song of your choice recorded by the band as well as credit on the liner notes and their entire discography. Check out their Kickstarter campaign here and consider donating to a worthy cause.