15 Grossest Foods

A particularly disturbing list of gross foods was just released recently and you’d be surprised to see what made the cut. Take a look if you dare…





15.) Flame Retardant-Laced Soda

14.) Paint Chemical in Salad Dressing

13.) Maggots in Canned Mushrooms

12.) Cloned Cow’s Stomach Cheese

11.) Flesh-Eating Bacteria in Meat

10.) Herbicide-Flavored Food

9.) Beaver Anal Gland Juice

8.) Sex Hormones in Milk

7.) Shampoo Chemicals in Produce

6.) Human Hair and Feathers in Douch

5.) Crushed Bugs for Food Coloring

4.) Ammonia-Cleansed Beef

3.) Fake Food Dyes

2.) Cleaning Chemical-Coated Shrimp

1.) Disease-Promoting Popcorn Bags

To learn more about why these disgusting additives are in our food supply, check out the full list here.