Muni Budget Plan To Include Several Changes

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency officials approved a two-year budget plan on Tuesday that includes free rides for low-income youth and parking meter enforcement on Sundays.

The MTA pilot program for youth is scheduled to begin in August for a 22-month period. It has not been determined how the status of low-income will be determined, but the youth will have to be between the ages of 5-17 and use a Clipper Card to take part in the program.

Muni officials still plan on getting public feedback before setting hours for enforcing parking meters on Sundays, which would go into effect next January, but the tentative plan is for hours to run from noon to 6 p.m. The move has been heavily criticized by the interfaith community, who argued that their services would be greatly affected by meter enforcement.

The plan still has to clear several hurdles, including getting final approval from the Board of Supervisors.



Photo Credit: Bahka5, via Wikimedia Commons