The tUnE-yArDs new video for “My Country”, released earlier this week, gives a very theatrical accompaniment to the experimental pop band’s vision. Merrill Garbus leads the tUnE-yArDs with her passionate, androgynous vocals and layered instruments. The band’s sophomore album Whokill was released by 4AD and has gained respect from noteworthy industry publications like Spin Magazine.

“My Country”, a song which layers lyrics from the classic American singalong tune with the tUnE-yArDs own beats. The children in the video offer an interesting perspective on the song, as they lip sing Garbus’s vocals while trapped in various small rooms.

Many of the children have instruments, or are dancing or showing another kind of rebellious artistic desire, and Garbus’s role in the video is that of a teacher.

Garbus doesn’t hold back her creativity in this video, and the children bring a brightness and energy to her vision. Paired with the lyrics, “the thing about living a lie, is wondering when they’ll find out”, the bouncing creativity of these children who are trapped in small boxes, and the obvious allusion to America, conveys a sense that these kids are hiding their full potential. When one of the kids grabs the drum beating heart that sits on a table and is released from her chamber, we can only imagine where she runs to next. “My Country” is yet another lovely and artistic effort from the tUnE-yArDs.