Just in time for the San Francisco Giants home opener at AT&T Park on Friday, here are a few spots around town that are serving up Giants-themed cocktails for baseball fans.

Jasper’s Corner Tap:

Orange & Black

2 oz Hangar Mandarin

barspoon of Blackberry jam

2 barspoons of demara sugar

4 quartered limes

First muddle the limes, then shake then pour the drink in a rocks glass

Public House:

Beso Gigante

Cava Sparkling Wine, Orange Juice, Santa Teresa Orange Liqueur

Pete’s Tavern:

Ballpark Cooler

Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka, lemonade

Pedro’s Cantina:

Kung Fu Panda

A big hit of Sailor Jerry rum and Coca-Cola with a splash of lime

Enjoy the drinks and enjoy opening day, wherever you might be in San Francisco!



Photo Credit: N. Renaud, via Wikimedia Commons