The Coachella Festival poster is filled with recognizable bands like Justice, Snoop Dogg, Bon Iver and the Shins, but what about those itsy bitsy bands on the lineup that were good enough to be invited but maybe you’ve only heard of once or twice or never? Here’s our guide to the Coachella Fine print, bands that might not stand out but certainly should not be missed.

Givers (Friday)

Hailing from Louisiana, they’re an indie pop group that just plays happy music.

Dragonette (Saturday)

Not to be confused with Little Dragon, of course. This gal is adorable and tough at the same time. Many don’t know that she is the woman behind “Hello,” the crazy popular electronic hit from last year. She has a ton of killer new jams to boot.

Gary Clark Jr. (Saturday)

Skip The Black Keys and hit Gary up instead. Some critics say he’s a young Jimi Hendrix. I just think he makes beautiful rock n’ roll soul.

Real Estate (Sunday)

They have dreamy beach rock nailed. The perfect sound for a hungover Sunday in the desert sun.

Spector (Sunday)

This UK boy group has a new wave electronic sound and catchy melodies. I’m curious to see how they groove live!

Ashley Smith is a writer and music lover from San Francisco. You can check out what she is grooving to at