File this one under “Things That Won’t Turn Out Well.” French company Fontainebleau has created a line of portable espresso machines – The Handpresso Auto – that work in your car. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter and BAM you’ve got yourself a cup of delicious espresso and a third-degree burn to go with it.

According to Businessweek, “Users plug the machine, about the size of a flashlight, into a cigarette lighter, add water, pop in a pod of espresso grounds (any brand is fine), and press a button. Water is pumped through the grounds at 16 bars of pressure—nine bars is typically considered the minimum—and the drink is ready in two minutes.” Isn’t technology grand?

This may be good for car camping but for a commute it could be an accident just waiting to happen. While the company does seem to encourage folks to pull over to enjoy their caffeine fix, having the machine plug into the cars encourages an on-the-go attitude that lends itself to people brewing their cuppas while driving.

As it is, The Handpresso Auto is only available in France, so American streets are still safe.

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Image courtesy of Handpresso via Businessweek.