SoMa is getting more dining options this year. SoMa StrEat Food Park, a new venue for food trucks is scheduled to open later this month, pending permit approvals. At 428 11th Street, a former private parking space directly across the street from the city’s Costco. Just a block south from Slim’s, and not too far from The Window.

According to owner, Carlos Muela, whose family owns the Spanish tapas restaurants Picaro and Esperpento in the Mission, he was inspired by the street food pods he saw in Portland. His new venue can accomodate 200 seated customers, and has space for 10 food trucks spots per shift, that means that it’s possible to fit up to 20 different food trucks per day.

The dining benches (fit up to 100 customers) are protected by a barn like structure, in case it rains. And probably the most coveted feature for diners, will be the bathrooms. Other amenities mentioned were free WiFi, a big projection screen, and music.

When it finally opens, the prospective schedule allows food trucks to cover lunch and dinner until midnight, 7 days a week. Great news for late night diners!

Photo Credit: Luis Chong