A refrigerator magnet from Red Tomato Pizza Restaurant in Dubai, offers one button pizza ordering.

This device is not a hoax, unlike that fake TacoCopter delivery service that fooled numerous media bloggers. Red Tomato Pizza Restaurant, a small pizza parlour in the town of Al Barsha, Dubai, opened in October 2009. Located just a few blocks away from the Mall of the Emirates, the second largest shopping mall in the Middle East. According to Ray, the restaurant manager, the bulk of their business comes from delivery orders. They have a fleet of about a dozen motorcycles that service the delivery areas.

The tiny pizza box shaped magnet works with any mobile phone that has Bluetooth. Pressing the button sends a message to order a predetermined pizza, while the customer’s address and payment choice is already stored in the restaurant’s computer system. A text message reply is also sent to the customer’s phone, as a safety feature to prevent pranks or accidental orders. Orders can also be cancelled or altered by text message.

The only disappointing fact is that this technology is only available far away, in Dubai. Hopefully a local pizza merchant might see the value of this idea, and develop a similar Bay Area system.

The restaurant spared no expense in developing a cinematic video commercial to advertise their new gadget, see below. Enjoy!

Video Credit: Red Tomato Pizza Restaurant, Dubai.