Diners at two of the city’s best restaurants may be in for a little surprise. And it’s the kind of shock that’ll have them purring in satisfaction rather than running for the door.

This Sunday the Chefs and Wine Directors of RN74 (Jason Berthold and Rajat Parr) and A16 (Chef David Taylor and Shelley Lindgren) will be pulling a switcheroo, and so will their menus. When you sit down for dinner at A16, you’ll be opening up the menu only to discover RN74’s signature dishes and pairings and vice versa.

RN74 features French cuisine and A16 serves southern Italian so, while the two restaurants are very different, it wouldn’t be as shocking as if a Chinese restaurant switched with an Ethiopian joint.

Highlights to be featured at A16 include: Herb Marinated Roasted Mary’s Chicken with potato puree, escargots, sweet carrots and sauce bourguignone; Grilled Kurobuta Pork Loin with saucisse de Toulouse, savory cabbage, white beans and red wine gastrique; and Pork Terrine with parsley, fallot mustard, grilled Pain de Campagne and cornichon. Meanwhile at RN74 you’ll encounter Braised Artichokes with buratta and pistachio; Squid Ink Tonarelli with Calabrian chilies, fennel, tomato and sea urchin; and Braised Devil’s Gulch Rabbit alla Ischia with Savoy spinach.

It’s an April Fool’s Day joke only a foodie would love.


A16, 2355 Chestnut Street @ Scott, reservations: 415.771.2216

RN74, 301 Mission Street @ Fremont, reservations: 415.543.7474

Sunday, April 1, starting at 5pm