The short lived Vegan Burger from Mission Street Food is back! You can find it on the menu at Mission Bowling Club for $10.

MSF’s vegan burger was conceived in 2009, by then relatively unknown chef Anthony Myint, who had a temporary burger pop up inside the Duc Loi Market, at 18th and Mission street. This was before he became famous for the Mission Chinese Food pop up, his cookbook deal, opening Commonwealth restaurant, various speaking engagements, and visits by celebrity chefs. His beef burger was already a best seller, but the veggie version was quickly gaining fans among both vegan and non vegan customers, myself included.

This was no Gardenburger or soy based imitation beef. It’s a fried veggie patty made from garbanzo flour mixed with kale, soy beans, mushrooms and scallions. It was served on toasted focaccia bread, and topped with fresh avocado, fennel slaw, and a housemade spicy chile sauce. It didn’t taste like beef, but it was equally satisfying, a vegetarian masterpiece.

So why did we have to wait 3 years to get it back? Blame a one time fish and chips special, meant for Pescatarians. One vegan couple expressed their discontent online, because they couldn’t try that vegan burger, since it was fried in the same oil as the fish. But the oil is changed daily, so they could come back any other day. Although nobody had consumed any offending foods, an online verbal scuffle followed, and soon after that vegan delight was taken off the menu in retribution. Chefs can be too sensitive at times. I’m just glad that it’s back, and there’s no more vegan burger drama.

Photo Credit: Luis Chong