Room Service

One of the best things about staying in a nice hotel is the option of room service: 2am, just pick up the phone and snacks are delivered to your door. But when you’re at home, there’s not much you can order at 2am for delivery (9pm sure, but 2am? Can’t think of anything). SF Room Service is here to fill that void, offering front-door deliveries of beer, liquor, wine, food and even household supplies late into the night.

The idea of room service came to co-owner Daniel Flores the way all great ideas are born: over beers with friends late at night. They wanted refills, plus snacks, but all they could find were a few Chinese restaurants delivering at 11pm. They wanted snacks like Hot Pockets, but “no one would deliver from a convenience store,” says Daniel. So, he and his business partner Ilario Peppe decided that they’d do it. Daniel and Ilario opened Room Service in the Inner Sunset and now have been able to add the delivery feature.

Room Service offers a huge variety of products, from vodka and beer (including several options from local breweries), to ice-cream and pancake mix. Plus they’ve got cleaning supplies and health products covered, in case the partying takes a drastic turn.

Orders can be placed from 8:30am to midnight Sunday through Wednesday, and 8:30am to 2am Thursday through Saturday. Delivery throughout the Sunset District is free, and delivery to other neighborhoods within San Francisco are $1 per mile, up to $5. Delivery outside the Sunset requires a $25 minimum, but delivery is free on all orders over $35. Room Service will even deliver to Golden Gate Park or the beach–just let them know where to find you.

Room Service, 900 Irving Street, San Francisco; Tel. 415.566.7666



Image courtesy of Room Service