The RockIt Room, the Inner Richmond’s only music venue, has been given three months by the San Francisco Entertainment Commission to meet a number of requirements or face possible closure.

The San Francisco Examiner reports that the commission heard from both the Police Department and local businesses last month about violence, noise and drug use in the area of Clement Street, where the RockIt Room is located. The commission has since come up with 17 conditions the owners of the venue must meet in the next three months, or their entertainment permit could be revoked.

Since October, the Examiner reports that 21 incidents – ranging from fights to noise – have required police to respond, placing an unnecessary burden on the police force. There have also been reports of security drinking on the job and in some cases, guards nowhere to be found when incidents break out.

Among the requirements: entertainment must end at 1 a.m., send an updated security plan to the Entertainment Commission, have a security guard on the sidewalk and at the door at all times, install cameras inside and outside the door to the venue and improve current soundproofing.