The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is set to install traffic medians in an effort to curb dangerous driving in the Buena Vista and Cole Valley neighborhoods.

The San Francisco Examiner reports that the agency began studying ways to improve traffic conditions in the neighborhood in 2008, but the project has stalled without any major improvements being implemented.

Now, Muni is set to install medians at spots they deem particularly troublesome, including at Roosevelt Way and 15th Street and at Temple and 17th streets.

The Examiner also reports that the San Francisco Police Department will be stepping up its presence in the area, with increased patrols and installing a radar trailer on the roadway.

Richard Magary with the community group Buena Vista Neighborhood Association said many motorists don’t yield to pedestrians, drive too fast and in some cases, ignore stop signs altogether.

“People are just careless and disrespectful now,” Magary told the Examiner. “The idea is to raise enough awareness for them to slow down and drive safe.”

Roosevelt Way and 17th Street are the two roadways seen as the most problematic in the neighborhood.



Photo Credit: San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency