Starting on Friday evening, a group called Reboot is calling for people worldwide to go technology-free for 24 hours.

The National Day of Unplugging begins at sundown on Friday and concludes at sundown on Saturday.

The Sabbath Manifesto was created by Reboot, a group of Jewish artists in search of a modern way to observe a weekly day of rest. The non-profit is aiming to “reboot the cultures, traditions and rituals of Jewish life.”

Reboot basically asks people to “avoid technologies” for a day. That includes text messaging, cellphone calls, spending time on Facebook or in front of the television. The Sabbath Manifesto thinks of it as a way to spend more time and reconnect with family, friends and the community as a whole.

Take the pledge for a “tech detox” here.



Photo Credit: Alton, via Wikimedia Commons