In an effort to further promote bicycling in San Francisco, the Board of Supervisors has given its initial approval to a measure that would require commercial building owners to accommodate bicyclists in their buildings.

The proposal, which was introduced by Supervisor John Avalos last summer, would allow people to bring bicycles into a building or require that building owners provide secure bike parking nearby.

Under the ordinance, owners who want to set limitations on bike access would have to complete a bicycle access plan and submit it to the city’s Department of the Environment. They could ask for exceptions if a building’s elevators are not available for bicycle access or if there is secure off-street parking or indoor, no-cost parking within three blocks of the building.

If a building owner applies for an exception, the property and parking area would be inspected by both the Department of Building Inspection and the Livable Streets subdivision of the Municipal Transportation Agency.

The ordinance has been endorsed by both the Building Owners and Managers Association of San Francisco and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

It will go in front of the board next week for final approval and then if approved, go to Mayor Ed Lee’s desk to be signed into law.



Photo Credit: SF Bicycle Coalition