Three local Bay Area artists will collaborate on a new exhibition aimed at transforming the Inclined Gallery space via a multidisciplinary defamiliarization effort that zeroes in on the unique architectural features of the gallery in the hopes of facilitating the creation of new meaning.

Walk Softly Stranger

Working in film, painting, and sculpture, Paul Clipson, Alexander Cheves and Walter Logue share a formalist approach to making art. Each artist in their respective medium will work to conceptually explore the physical nature of the gallery and how certain features connect with their respective work.

Clipson focuses on the immediacy of film and creates multilayered visual collages, Cheves creates compositions that draw from traditional building materials and communicate with the natural surroundings via their design, and Logue manipulates three-dimensional white text on solid black backgrounds to deliver messages from popular culture that go beyond the actual words.

The opening reception will be Friday, March 2 from 6pm to 9pm and the exhibition will run through March 30. A special performance by Jon Porras and Paul Clipson combining Super 8mm film and music is planned for Friday, March 16 at 8pm.