Science fiction writer Rudy Rucker, a trailblazer credited with helping to develop the cyberpunk literary genre, will be making an appearance to discuss his new novel which imagines a not so distant future world where humans live sans machines.

The Big Aha, which Rucker will likely be self-publishing, is a novel set to explore what it would mean to be able to program objects directly and create a closer connection with the world around us via a sort of telepathy. Rucker calls this hylotech and it relates to his hylozoist belief that every object that is made of matter is alive and sentient on some level.

Rucker is a writer, philosopher, mathematician, and a former computer science professor. He received the Philip K. Dick award for his landmark novel Software in 1982.  He also runs a webzine called Flurb. For more on Rucker’s ideas and a more precise explanation of his theories see his personal blog at

The reading will take place at Langton Labs at 9 Langton St. San Francisco, CA on Wednesday, February 29, at 7:30pm. Donations are encouraged, but entrance is free.