San Francisco’s annual Valentine’s Day pillow fight in Justin Herman Plaza is always a popular event, as hundreds, both young and old, gather for a mass pillow fight. But who cleans up after the event?

That would be the San Francisco Department of Public Works, which estimates that cleanup after this year’s event will cost taxpayers an estimated $5,000.

Recreation and Park Department employees cleaned up the mounds of scattered feathers and pillow stuffing that was left behind shortly after the event on Tuesday night. Workers steam-cleaned the sidewalk and also used a mechanical street sweeper to clean the area.

Costs of the cleanup effort were up from last year when it cost an estimated $3,500 although it was raining on Valentine’s Day in 2011. In 2010, it cost approximately $16,000.

The pillow fight is not a city-sanctioned event but it has been held for seven years now.