Unfortunately, it’s not SFSU. In fact, the school has been deemed by dating site Date My School as having one of the most UNattractive student populations in the entire country. Ouch.

Date My School allows students to connect with one another and download each others’ photos (um…doesn’t something like this already exist and isn’t it called Facebook?). Well, the admins noticed that photos from certain schools were downloaded more than others’ and they decided to compile a little list of the “hottest” schools.

Apparently, here are the Top Ten Hottest Schools:

1. Fairleigh Dickinson University

2. School of Visual Arts

3. Penn State

4. FIT

5. Montclair

6. Indiana University of Pennsylvania

7. Queen’s College

8. City College of New York

9. Stony Brook

10. Fordham

BUT, according to Jezebel, “…if you’re a student at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, Stanford University, San Francisco State University, Columbia University, or Harvard, your school bears the dubious distinction of being home to the least sexy students, be them women, men, lesbians, or gay men, respectively.”

Maybe they’re not ugly, but rather have more important things to do than upload narcissistic, skanky photos of themselves to some random web site.

For the list of schools with the hottest guys and the schools with the hottest girls and the schools with the hottest gays – okay, you get the drift – go here.