O Izakaya Restaurant and Lounge (1625 Post Street) is hosting a special pairing event with Anderson Valley Brewing this Friday at 6PM. Executive Chef Matt Paine has pieced together a spectacular menu to accompany six selections of craft-brewed goodness from the acclaimed Mendocino microbrewery.

Anderson Valley Brewmaster Fal Allen will be in attendance to discuss his award winning beers and help explain why certain flavors are best paired with particular dishes. So not only will the event be delicious, it promises to be informative as well.

Some of the combinations are obvious, such as succulently seared Hamachi paired with the gingery-spiced tones of AVB’s Mowkeef Saison. But there are also some more exotic amalgams like Brother David’s Double Abbey Style Ale served with Duck and Arugula. The dark fruit characteristics of the ale should play well off of the bitter, tangy elements of rockets and forbidden rice.

For dessert diners will indulge in a housemade Japanese doughnut served with Anderson’s popular Oatmeal Stout, a sweet-yet-well-balanced elixir that drinks almost like a milkshake. But the real treat is an unforgettable evening guaranteed for the attendees of this thoughtfully-prepared dining experience.

Beer pairing is a truly special dialogue that will no-doubt be better understood after the knowledgeable chef and brewmaster on-hand share their collective expertise on the subject. And who knows, perhaps you’ll learn another special language, if Boonville native Fal Allen decides to teach us all a little Boontling.

Reservations are still available by calling (415) 614-5426. $45 covers the cost of 5 courses paired with 6 beers.