Chicken and Waffles is a soul food staple that should not be passed up.  It’s also by no means a healthy dish, which makes it great for special occasions.  The following restaurants in the bay area serve up great versions of this soul food specialty.

Auntie April’s Chicken and Waffles: Although this restaurant is not in the best neighborhood, it’s still worth it to go during the day.  When you order the chicken and waffles, you hear them drop it into the fryer.  And always a plus, the employees are accommodating.

Soul Groove: This place is in the business of chicken and waffle sandwiches.  As in, fried chicken that’s served between two delectable waffles that are dripping with maple syrup.  Enough said.

Hard knox café: First of all, their fried chicken is award winning because it’s just that good.  There are two locations in San Francisco, one in the Dog Patch district and the other in the Richmond District.

Home of Chicken and Waffles: This restaurant is right in the heart of Jack London Square Oakland.  It once was part of the Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles but later became independently owned.  The menu is large and somewhat overwhelming, but everything is tasty if you’re looking for comfort food in a diner setting.  There is also a bar and a large and creative drink menu.  The various chicken and waffles variations take up their own page in the menu.  It’s definitely worth a drive to the East Bay.

900 grayson: People from near and far go out of their way to have the Chicken and Waffles here, known as ‘The Demon Lover’ on the menu.  It’s definitely a twist on the classic Chicken and Waffles, with the option of using gravy instead of maple syrup as a topping and serving fried chicken from sustainable producer Fulton Valley Farms.