To celebrate SF’s Beer Week, Delarosa (2175 Chestnut Street) has pieced together a sensational rare beer and food pairing menu that highlights some of the best and hardest to find brews from the Bay Area and beyond.

One of the Marina’s go-tos for fine Italian fare, Delarosa added some specialities this week on draft and in the bottle–as well as inventive beer cocktails–to go along with their already extensive menu. Brewmaster and beer consultant (yes, there is such a thing) Rich Higgins helped put together the list, which will be available until this Sunday.

Among the highlights are the Dunk a Bruschette: Drakes Brewing’s own Dunkelweizen, paired with a sweet and luscious heap of honey-laced Burrata, dolloped atop a cross-charred piece of fresh, Italian bread. Housemade Lobster Ravioli, overflowing with succulent seafood flavor is paired with a light and crisp Belgian weisse beer allowing the delicate tastes of crustacean to linger on your palate after each sip. My personal favorite though are their crunchy, savory German Brussels–one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, accompanied by a tangy caper aioli and paired perfectly with Bayerischer Banhof, a Berliner Weisse with a syrupy yeastiness that compliments the salty tones of these tasty little green nuggets. A molten hot chocolate lava cake paired with a chile-infused Italian imperial stout is a scintillating and show-stopping dessert offering, perfect for sharing and the exclamation point on the end of a thoughtfully-crafted, expertly-executed meal.

The full pairing menu can be found here.