The Beer Making Book Tour will be in San Francisco this Monday, February 13. Learn how to make beer and pair it with good food in the Hands On Gourmet loft kitchen. The Brooklyn Brew Shop is joining the Shmaltz Brewing Company and Hands On Gourmet for an evening centered around food and beer.


The Brooklyn Brew Shop is making their Spring Lager and Shmaltz Brewing Company brews some of their mouthwatering beers. The HOG chefs will be assisting in making tasty food to pair with beer. The steps to get brewing will be shown, while having an amazing night of cooking and drinking beer. The Brooklyn BrewShop Beer Making Book is included.

Hands-on Menu and Beer pairing:

Beer 1: Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Bourbon Dubbel, paired with:


Moroccan sweet potato pastries

Ginger, cilantro, almonds and cinnamon & Barbeque Duck with Green Papaya Salad

Sonoma duck breast, soy, rice vinegar, and brown sugar

Thai basil, long beans, tamarind, lime and chopped peanuts

Beer 2: Shmaltz’s Albino Python, paired with:

Grilled Lamb Kebabs

Mango chutney & Arancini

Risotto and oven dried tomato croquettes

Marcona almond and cilantro pesto

Beer 3: Shmaltz’s Messiah Nut Brown Ale, paired with:


Pumpkin ice cream, ginger snap cookies

Caramelized apples and salt & Cannoli

Vanilla bean ricotta, citrus and pistachios


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