San Francisco has its own fight brewing around shark fin soup, but recently PETA has taken its own step into the foray. The animal rights organization has publicly called out the CEO of Michelin and asked the renowned restaurant guide to stop giving stars to establishments that serve foie gras and shark fin soup.

To get a even one Michelin star is a huge feat for many restaurants, so the eating guide is both feared and revered. I have a feeling that if Michelin CEO Michel Rollier actually went through with PETA’s demands, that restaurants around the world immediately be scratching off shark fin soup and foie gras from their menus.

But, judging from the massive amount of French restaurants in the Michelin guide, this is never going to happen.

According to HuffPo, “There is fairly universal agreement that the use of shark fin is pretty egregious — sharks are stripped of their fins and then thrown back in the water, unable to swim. But foie gras exists in more of a gray area. Duck and geese are force-fed, but proponents and opponents disagree on if the animals feel pain.

It should be noted that the “universal agreement” on the use of shark fin is far from universal.

To read the PETA letter, go here.