Lia Ices, the east coast crooner, released a couple of new treats to keep her in our hearts, including a spaced-out version of “Wish You Were Here” by space-rock pioneers Pink Floyd.

Lia Ices’ haunting vocal style has been on constant repeat around here since the release of her sophomore album Grown Unknown (Jagjaguwar) last January. There is something about the contrast between her stark compositions and howling voices that make for a pleasing, if not necessary, listen. Ices has kept busy over the course of the year, touring and releasing new media at the appropriate times but this Pink Floyd cover is the first new material released since her album came out, and fortunately for us it is every bit as good as one would expect.


Listen to Lia Ices Cover Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here.”

Then, watch the new video off of Grown Unknown “Little Marriage” and see what all the hype is about.


Photo Credit: Shanna Fisher