This Saturday, local DJs Vinroc and Shortkut celebrate ten years of their popular mix series, So Much Soul. While both are known primarily for their turntable skills, these mixes showcase their ear for more than just hip-hop. Full of soul, funk, R&B, and more, this mix series is perfect to relax and chill-out with a loved one this Valentine’s Day.

We got a chance to talk to DJ Vinroc about the party, along with his favorite tracks, and what types of tracks they’ll be playing during this celebration. Come celebrate this Saturday 2/11 at SOM. Be sure to get there early because free mixes of the series will be given out the night of the event!

Give us a little/short background on how the So Much Soul series began.

We started releasing the mixes in 2002. Triple Threat was beginning to release a series of mix tapes and Short and I vibed on a lot of the Neo-soul movement that was growing at the time. Of course a lot of the production on those records had some similarities with some his hip-hop and we thought a combination of the styles in the mix would work well. We also used classic soul records that were sampled by hip-hop artists and tied it all together. I think I used a record off The Roots’ Things Fall Apart album and loop a lyric that goes, “We’re two bad brothers with so much soul…” as an intro on the mix. I think that sums up the direction and style we were going for and what kind of music we wanted to represent.

How have the mixes grown over the past ten years?

As we’ve grown artistically and discovered new music, the style has definitely changed. Volume 8 for myself will actually be quite progressive as I’ve musically changed as a person. But I think the same energy is still there.

What types of music do you guys look for to put in the mixes?

As I mentioned, Neo-soul, soul samples, and anything that’s just off people’s radar that fit the vibe. Sometimes big artists have great album cuts that slip by people and sometimes it’s a low profile soul group from Australia. It all depends.

What’s one song you guys wish you could feature over and over on the mixes?

Commons “I Used To Love H.E.R.” actually has a recurring vocal sample on a few volumes of the mix series. But the point of the series is to provide people with a versatile and different library of music for people to enjoy and I wouldn’t want anything reoccurring.

As both of you are distinguised turntablists, how do you think these mixes help showcase your interest in other genres and styles?

For Short and I, we’ve prided ourselves in being as open as we can to many styles of music. These mixes are just one aspect of us musically. As DJs I think it’s an excellent skill to have if your job is to entertain people.

What should people except to hear at the party this Saturday?

Dilla, Faith, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Kanye West; if it’s got soul, it’s in the crate!

What kind of vibes do you hope they end up leaving with?

People have come up to us over the years and have said thank you as we have been the soundtrack to many a romantic evening with their significant other. I believe we’ve even helped start a few families. So it’s only fitting we are throwing the event the weekend prior to Valentine’s Day. I think that says plenty about the vibe we want people to leave with!

So Much Soul 10 Year Anniversary takes place this Saturday 2/11 at SOM Bar. Cover is $10 at the door. Early arrival is suggested.