House-based DJ/producer Junior Sanchez hails from New Jersey and is known for his eclectic remix work of artists from Katy Perry to Gorillaz. Currently working on producing R&B artist Mya’s upcoming album, Sanchez shows his appreciation and capability to produce of music of all styles. He performs February 10th at Sloane Squared.

This year, he launches his own label Brobot with Bryce Wilson (Groove Theory). He will also be releasing his debut album, Welcome 2 JNR High later this year. Check him out this Friday 2/10 at Sloane Squared with local DJ Eric Sharp.

Did growing up in Jersey have much influence on your career into the electronic music world?

Jersey definitely had a huge impact on me growing up, from East Coast hip-hop, Artifacts Redman, lords of the underground Wu-tang, etc, and of course New Jersey house music with Kerri Chandler, Jovan, Movin’ Records, Zanzabar, Blaze, Kenny Dope, and more.

You played a lot of house music clubs like Club USA. Can you share with us one of your fondest memories?

I was in my teens in the ’90s. The first time I DJ’ed at Club USA was in ’94 and then all of the Peter Gatien clubs like Limelight, Tunnel, Palladium, and of course USA. It was amazing to see all the diversity in nightlife at that time.

How has the definition of house music changed since your career began?

It’s changed because technology has grown so much; you don’t need so much gear or a huge studio to make music, just a laptop software and creativity and you’re good to go!

You’ve been know to place an emphasis on songwriting and and arrangement. Why are these elements so important in a track?

It’s important to me to differentiate from a track just being a track to it being an amazing track with longevity and crossover potential.

With the increasing number of EDM artists, how do you manage to stay afloat between all the changes in the electronic music genre?

I guess just keeping up with the times and of course technology. You can not be afraid to grow and learn new things. If you stay locked inside a bubble you will lose.

You are also known a veteran in the music scene. What do you think it takes to earn those chops?

Staying fresh, keeping your work interesting. Challenge yourself and your career will keep flourishing.

What’s something you enjoy doing in your downtime, when you actually have some?

I enjoy watching documentaries a lot or going to a good movie, simply hanging with great friends and family, or reading a great book of some sort.

You will be launching Brobot in March this year. Where did the name come from? What can we expect from this label?

Yes! Brobot is a term I use to call my friends so it stuck. You can expect the best music and events to come from Brobot.

What type of artists are you looking for?

Brobot will look for artists to be refreshing, not scared to push boundaries and to have unique sounds!

We also heard you’re producing Mya’s upcoming album. What can we expect from that? Will there be lots of electronic music in there?

Yes I worked with her on a few songs for her new and forthcoming album. There’s tinges of electronic music in there for sure!

Junior Sanchez performs February 10th at Sloane Squared. Tickets are $10-$20, and the party starts at 10pm.