Only You, the new project from former Sleepy Sun singer Rachel Fannan, played at Brick and Mortar last night to a very receptive crowd. They may have walked in skeptical, but every one of them left a fan.

Fannan’s voice is a miracle. Strong, subtle and widely ranging, she took Sleepy Sun from good to great the moment she opened her mouth. News of her leaving the group left many a disappointed supporter until word spread of her new project, Only You.

Equal parts psych, soul, doo-wop and metal, this band is basically a dream come true. Each of the four band members —Fannan on guitar and lead vocals, Micayla Grace on bass and backing vocals, Cecilia Della Peruti on lead guitar and backing vocals, and Lia Braswell on drums—were spectacularly good at their roles.

There were moments when goose bumps spread around the room like butter on a griddle, three-part harmonies backed by Vinny Appice-style beats so thick you could practically have a seat on them.

Based out of Los Angeles, the band is currently writing their debut and I am close to following them around like Phish to get my fix before it’ss available. I want to see last night’s show all over again.