Actor, writer, director, producer, recording artist, and philanthropist William Shatner comes to town Sunday, March 3 in a show starring himself that’s been 80-years in the making. Shatner’s World: We Just Live In It looks back on his storied life and award winning career and the journey that transformed him from Shakespearean actor to an internationally renowned icon.

Shatner is perhaps most recognizable these days from his gig as the Priceline negotiator; or if you’re bad with names–the baying guy that offers to save you a lot of money on that flight and hotel. But his stint as an advertising darling hardly registers as more than a blip on his resume. Getting his start in show business on the television series Star Trek as Captain James T. Kirk, Shatner has since went on to host reality series Rescue 911, win two Golden Globes as attorney Denny Crane on The Practice and spin-off Boston Legal and receive four Emmy nominations. In 2007, he released to critical acclaim an album produced by Ben Folds Five with a cover of Pulp’s Britpop hit “Common People.”

Shatner enthusiasts have already gotten a glimpse at the mental inner-workings of this Renaissance Man; he has released two autobiographical novels, Up Till Now (a New York Times bestseller), and Shatner Rules in 2011. Tickets for the one-time only show go on sale February 3.