Even if you haven’t heard of comic John Mulaney yet, you’re already familiar with his brand of humor if you’ve seen a recent episode of SNL—Mulaney helped co-create the street-savvy character Stefon alongside Bill Hader. But Mulaney’s more than just a reticent sketch comedy writer and producer for SNL hanging out behind the scenes; already, he’s made several guest appearances on “Weekend Update.” Watch any of his online clips and its evident Mulaney has a real knack for the stage: his likeable boy-next-door charm is disarming, and his candid delivery makes it feel like you’re reminiscing with an old childhood pal.

Check out his bit below for a droll anecdote from his days as a young scallywag. In the clip, he recalls his all-time favorite meal, which turns out to be more of a sideshow—an unexpected coalescence of Tom Jones and a diner that ends in a delicious twist. For aficionados of television crime-drama Law & Order: SVU—or those devotees of the ironic ilk—there’s Mulaney’s wry observations about stock ancillary characters and plot clichés. Another witty apercus depicts Donald Trump as the archetype of what a hobo might imagine life as a rich man to be like. Digressive but amusing, Mulaney gracefully jumps from personal experiences with childhood bullying to commentary on Home Alone 2 to an awkward late-night encounter in a New York subway station.

John Mulaney – What’s New Pussycat
John Mulaney Comedians Stand-Up

And as the star of a new comedy special, “John Mulaney: New in Town,” it appears his various musings have managed to tickle not only audiences but critics alike. Certainly, Mulaney possesses a joie de vivre capable of quelling the peevish soul. Be sure not to miss the premiere of his special January 28th on Comedy Central and accompanying DVD release on the 31st of January.