Questions for V-Nasty?

Not just Kreayshawn’s right hand woman, V-Nasty has risen in the spotlight through her own sharp rhymes and often dirty mouth. We’re interviewing the blossoming White Girl Mob member and want to know what you want to ask her.

When Kreayshawn first released her “Gucci Gucci” video in May 2011 her sidekick V-Nasty aka Vanessa was sitting in jail for a series robbery charges. By the time she got out a few weeks later the video had gotten millions of views and V-Nasty was all of a sudden thrown into the global spotlight.

An Oakland native, her controversial use of the n-word shone an initial dark light on the 21 year old but after apologies and rethinking, she rose again as the highlight of Kreayshawn’s fall shows. A natural performer and fast on the mic, she released the album BayTL with Gucci Mane in late 2011 and has plans for a solo mixtape Don’t Bite, Just Taste in 2012.

Gucci Mane & V-Nasty “Millions Every Month”

V-Nasty performs at Slim’s in San Francisco on Wednesday, February 1.

What questions would you most like to ask V-Nasty? Answer in the comments below.


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