This Friday and Saturday (Jan. 20th and 21st), The Wild Kitchen will be presenting their latest menu of foraged foods. This time, there will be no prix fixe menus. Instead, diners will be able to choose from a small menu of items.

Known as a renegade in the food industry, Iso Rabins has created a unique niche with the creation of Forage SF and The Wild Kitchen. Rabins, 29, had little involvement in the world of professional cooking before he began ForageSF, yet his passion is evident and makes up for the lack of experience he began with in 2009.

His mission with ForageSF is “to connect Bay Area dwellers with the wild food that is all around them.” This he is achieving through organizing wild food walks, the SF Underground Market, and the Wild Kitchen.

Yet be forewarned, the dinners are wild not just because the meals include ingredients found and foraged from nature. It will also be a wild experience because the Wild Kitchen, known as an underground restaurant, has not gone through normal health inspections. This is adventurous eating in more ways than one, and surely a night that a diner will not soon forget.

The dinner will be held at 710 Florida St. @ 19th from 6 pm – 11 pm.  Only reservations for parties over 6 will be taken and walk-ins are welcomed for any smaller parties.

Reservations for 6 or more: Please email [email protected]

Drinks: BYOB with corkage

Here is the menu (the menu may change slightly because they use items that are fresh, wild and foraged):

Porcini Bisque


Housemade Creme Fraiche


Salad of Wild Greens, Slow Poached egg, Frisee,

Pickled Beets


Champagne Vinagrette


Saigon Style Fried Sardines:

Chili, Garlic, Vinegar, Fresh Herbs


Wild Mushroom and Rabbit Terreine


Frisee and Nastertium Capers


Marin Sun Bavette Steak


Wild Bay Butter, Grilled Endive


Fingerling Fries


California Halibut


Nettle Shiso Salsa Verde, Seared Polenta


Braised Rainbow Chard


Nastertium Leaf Pesto:

Fresh Parpadelle

Garlic Fried Broccoli Rabe


Ginger Ice Cream


Candied Preserved Citrus


Bittersweet Chocolate



No Substitutions Please.


Wine $10

Beer $6

Cash Appreciated, Cards Accepted

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