This week’s hottest gallery openings include the 5th Annual International Juried Plastic Camera Show, Portraits by PIXELSTUD and Why Paint a Landscape?

RayKo’s 5th Annual International Juried Plastic Camera Show launches this Wednesday at the RayKo Photo Center. The show features 100 photographs of surprising quality, from across the globe, all taken by junk cameras.

This Friday, local artist, PIXELSTUD, presents his latest, Portraits, at HANGR 16. The exhibition includes the artist’s signature pixelated work, in mixed-media form, with everything from LEGOs to recycled jewelry. These are anything but your typical portrait…

And on Saturday, ArtZone 461 Gallery presents atypical, anything-but-boring landscapes. The new exhibit, Why Paint a Lanscape?: Current View & Perspectives, presents contemporary landscapes, exploring modern issues including global climate concerns.