Recently signed to SF’s Dirtybird label, Breach, aka Ben Westbeech, is a versatile artist whom is known for his unique style of fusing house, soul, and dubstep. Although Breach is his latter electronic alter ego, he has always had an ear for electronic music, spending the past couple of years juggling studio albums and touring the world as a DJ. Last year, he released There’s More To Life Than This, an album channeling the likes of James Blake and SBTRKT, by adding elements of soul into dance music. Catch him playing Lights Down Low at SOM. Friday 1/20 with French Fries, and Bambounou.

Congrats on signing to the Dirtybird label! How does it feel?

Amazing! I have been so into their shit for years. It’s an honor and I hope I bring something new to the label.

How do you think you’ll represent the Dirtybird sound?

By being original and not listening to or following anyone else. Also making music that people lose their shit to!

How do your Breach sets differ from your Ben Westbeech sets besides performance material?

I play my own music a lot. It’s all about future music.

What kind of vibes are you going for?

I play house with a lot of bass and soul. Keep it musical but gutter!

Do you ever play your own stuff?

Yeah, all the time! I got a lot of Breach music that no one else has got right now.

How do manage to stay up on all the different types of music, since your sounds range from smooth vocals to heavy wobble sounds?

It’s a nightmare! [laughs]. I have to work all the time to keep on top of everything but it’s all good.

When you remix your own tracks, like the recent “Something for the Weekend,” how do you approach it? Is it difficult to switch into Breach mode?

Ben Westbeech – Something For The Weekend (Breach Remix) by Strictly Rhythm

Ha! Not really. I’ve always been into so much different music so I don’t find it that hard making different music.

Your overall sound ranges all over the place, from spiritual vocals to disco. Where do you see your music heading in 2012?

I don’t really know. Wherever it will be it will be a good place, somewhere that makes me happy. And hopefully everyone else! Can I just add that I am so fucking excited to play S.F.?! I have got a bag full of new music to kill the party! You’re going have to tear me off those decks!