No Way Back returns to the Odd Job loft Saturday, January 14 at Public Works with an appearance from Dutch producer Danny Wolfers, aka Legowelt. Wolfers is a total gear head, and with over ten years in the making as Legowelt, he is an adept and adaptable musician wherever he ends up. Gathering influence from old-school Detroit techno, Chicago acid and Italo-disco, Wolfers will be a good match for resident party-starters Conor, Solar, and Donuts DJ, Pickpocket.


In the early 90s, Danny Wolfers came into contact with the sounds of techno from Detroit and Chicago on the radio in his hometown of The Hague, Netherlands. A vibrant music scene was already established at this time, and Wolfers could step into a record store and come across a variety of genres from funk to Italo-disco to hardcore. One day, he discovered Unit Moebius, a local group making lo-fi Chicago-style acid. Wolfer found inspiration in their gritty productions as he noodled around on his gear at home.

Incidentally, Unit Moebius started their own record label, Bunker Records, because no other labels were interested in releasing their music. The inception of this label cultivated a particular niche of punk-inspired acid in The Hague, and it was only a matter of time before Wolfers himself dug into it. In the late 90s, Wolfers released his first records on Bunker as Legowelt. In the years following, he continued to develop his sound and draw influence from DJs such as Italo-disco revivals I-F and Pametex, as well as experimental, dub-techno influenced producers µ-ziq, Aphex Twin and Drexciya.

Wolfers has a handful of aliases—including Polarius, Gladio and Smackos—each of which he uses to tell a story from a different vantage point in his fantasies. Legowelt, which translates to “Lego world,” remains his primary project; and through this moniker Wolfers continues to build and create sonic adventures for his audience.

You can get a taste of what he has to offer with his recent podcast for Little White Earbuds here—or even download his latest full length, The Teac Life, off his website here.

Legowelt plays live with support from Conor, Solar and Pickpocket. Tickets are $12 – $15 and can be purchased here.