LitUp Writers presents comedic anecdotes on stage this Tuesday, January 17th, with their newest theme, “Will it Hurt? Tales of the First Time.” Six writers come to the stage to share their personal stories of firsts, and these can range from their first kiss to their first divorce. This show will be the first of six shows that LitUp Writers will produce throughout the year.

LitUp Writers started as a modest idea that founder Jennifer Lou set into motion, and it has now grown into a show that garners audiences of up to 200 people. The authors’ real-life moments are told in a hilarious and honest way and according to Graham Gremore, curator and writer for LitUp Writers, this has resulted in their ever-growing audience.

“The energy is insane. Every show people are laughing and having a really good time,” Gremore says. It seems that the creators of LitUp Writers have happened upon a formula that draws audience members in with their unique mix of comedy, reality, performance, and a topic that truly anyone can relate to.

There are also great extra additions that the audience can look forward to, which vary from show to show. For instance, the upcoming show will feature a raffle with a full body condom as the ultimate prize. Also, Gremore says this show will be particularly worth attending because LitUp Writers has an important announcement.

“Will It Hurt? Tales of the First Time” is January 17th at Intersection for the Arts in SOMA. Doors open at 7pm and the show begins at 7:30pm. There is a $5 cover charge.