I hope everyone is ready to ring in a happy and healthy new year. But if you’re spending your last day of 2011 worrying about what to bring over to the holiday party tonight, look no further…

Sparkling Wines from Domaine Chandon: They’re local, and they’re luxurious. Chandon also features a very limited edition Sparkling Red, which undergoes a double fermentation, so it has the body and flavor of a still wine but with the zest and playfulness of Champagne. Great for food pairings and to toast the ball drop. It’s available at specialty liquor stores throughout the city.

Ruinart Rosé One-For-Two: The perfect ensemble for couples, this gift set contains a 750ml bottle of sparkling Ruinart Rosé, along with a handcrafted serving spoon which allows you to pour two glasses, simultaneously. It retails for around $65, which is a fantastic deal for such an elegant arrangement of lovable bubbly.

Veuve Clicquot Le Shopping Bag: Tote your Champagne in style this holiday season, with the Veueve Clicquot travel bag–a portable chiller that will keep your bottle of bubbly at tasting temperature for two hours. It’s custom made to hold a 750ml bottle, retails for $45, and ladies find it irresistibly cute.

Dom PĂ©rignon Side by Side: If you’ve had a particularly good year, celebrate your success with two limited edition vintages of Dom, offered side by side for the first time ever! Vintage 1996 was cellar-aged for seven years and the Oenothèque for thirteen years until maturing into the optimal flavors that are now ready for you to enjoy with friends and family. And at $459, they should be thankful to share the holidays with someone as generous as yourself!

May 2012 be your best year yet!