Kreayshawn Discusses New Year’s Show, White Girl Mob & Haters

Juicy J ft. Kreayshawn “Get Higher/U Trippy Mane”

When do you think your album will be released?

I’m almost finished with it, but now it’s all about picking the songs I want and then I don’t know. It takes the label to get everything ready. It’s crazy and all a new thing. I’m a virgin.

You’ve been globetrotting – what’s the craziest place you’ve been since everything blew up in May?

I loved going to London. Just going anywhere is neat for me because you get to meet different types of people and see different places. I don’t like airplanes though; they’re the worst. I wish you could teleport places.

V-Nasty’s album with Gucci Mane just dropped and seems like it got a good response.

V-Nasty and I went to go buy it at Best Buy yesterday and the dude was ringing us up and he was like, “you two look just like those two good girl rappers—Kreayshawn and V-Nasty, just like them.” Then we tell him we are them and he didn’t believe us. We held up V-Nasty’s album and were like, “look, it’s her. Why would we be buying hella copies of this?” He didn’t want to believe but I think that proved it.

You’ve been working for years on videos, music and art. How did you stay so focused on that, not knowing where it would end up?

I don’t know, putting stuff out was just what I did. Music videos and stuff that I was into, I just kept putting it out. For a while I didn’t really put my music out so eventually I did that as well.

I never really thought it was going to blow up into this, I just thought it was going to be fun to do. I never imagined I would get a record deal or anything like that. It’s so exciting to see that happen.

Do you work on other projects now or are you mainly focusing on music?

I’m working on a bunch of different projects. Not that long ago I was picking stuff out for a clothing line I want to do—shopping at thrift stores, picking out cuts or patterns that I like. I’ve been working on some TV show stuff and really want to executive produce, work behind the scenes. I also want to keep doing the music video directing and behind the scenes on that.

What did you think about all the “Gucci Gucci” freestyles that have come out?

I think Lil’ Wayne’s was one of the best that anyone did but there’s always some that are super funny. Someone did a Kreayfish “Sushi Sushi” version and they talk about food the whole time. It’s fun when people change the lyrics in a parody way, pretty entertaining.

Any female artists you looked up to while growing up?

I listened to a lot of female artists from Eve to Missy Elliott, Charli Baltimore when she was on Murder Inc. Any female that rapped, I was pretty much into. I listen to rap music all the time and it’s always cool to hear the girls doing things.

I read that Lil’ Debbie—the third member of White Girl Mob—is no longer a part of the group. There’s a rumor going around that there will be a new third member, any secrets you can share about that?

I don’t know, that’s something you’re gonna have to ask her stupid ass. I mean that in the most loving manner when I say that.

What do you say to the haters?

I don’t talk to them, I just ignore. I don’t even say “fuck the haters” anymore because they still give you attention, which is nice. I gotta be doing something right.

Favorite strain of weed?

Cookies is my favorite, they have it in LA but up in the Bay, too, at some clubs.

Do you get any free time to just relax?

Nah, not really. Always working.

Kreayshawn performs at The Regency Ballroom on New Year’s Even. Enter to win tickets HERE.

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