December has been a month filled with restaurant openings in San Francisco, but also the closure of a few popular eateries.

We told you earlier about the scheduled closure of Namu following dinner service on Christmas Eve. Now the same fate has hit Spork in the Mission District and Citizen Cake on Fillmore.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Inside Scoop has the story on Citizen Cake, which recently went through an overhaul. The paper reports that despite a successful and busy residence on Fillmore Street, construction fell behind, leading to plenty of overlay. “The restaurant has been busy and making money,” Chef Elizabeth Falkner told the paper. “It’s just that everyone wants their money before they can get back to them. We’re not totally in the weeds, but we’ll never get there.” The restaurant will remain open through December, albeit with limited hours. Falkner, who is a finalist on The Food Channel’s “Next Iron Chef,” said she is uncertain about her future plans.

Meanwhile, The Tablehopper reports that after a five-year run on Valencia Street, Spork is shuttering following service on December 23. Co-owner Neil Jorgensen told her “We’ve completed our five-year lease and are planning to focus on Thermidor and a few other potential little projects.”

The building has been slated to be demolished for a condo project.



Photo Credit: Citizen Cake