This Thursday, December 15, Baths will be playing at Slim’s with support from DNTL and Raleigh Moncrief. All three have been in focus lately with their recent productions and upcoming shows, so if you’re unfamiliar, read on to get some insight on what the buzz is all about.

Will Wiesenfeld has had a handful of monikers, but in 2010 he came out strong with his debut full length Cerulean as Baths. As a Southern California native, he was introduced by to the LA beat scene by none other than Alfred Darlington, aka Daedelus/Jogger, an experimental producer who has an inclination to pretty melodies and broken beats. Influence aside, it’s clear that Wiesenfeld has a good grasp on the lighter side of beat music, with a take that is fresh, funky and full of emotion.

You may know James Tamborello from The Postal Service or, his other band Figurine, but solo he goes by DNTL. He has collaborated with many indie pop artists, such as Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie, and his glitchy, electronic pop compositions have been well received for the last decade.

Raleigh Moncrief has been involved with music all his life, but recently he began to make beat-oriented music. The Sacramento native learned to play guitar as a kid and furthered his career later on with his frequent collaborations with Zach Hill. Now he’s going solo after the release of his debut album on Anticon, Watered Lawn.

For more information and tickets, go here.